Leading valves Manufacturer in Bareilly and its surrounded by near by cities like Gangapur, Bahgul, Shankh, Devrania, Nakatia, Kailasi, Bareilly(Main), Aonla, Faripur, Mirganj, Nawabganj, Baheri, Dohara, Bilwa, Bhadpura,Bisharatganj. Bareilly is Hub for Engineering and it having tremendous potential for growth in all kind of valves Manufacturing and valves Spare parts. Lot of Small Scale Engineering units are there to make India Globally recognised in Engineering Sector.

In Bareilly there are lot of industrial estate where we can see different kind of valves are manufactured in areas like CB Ganj, Bhojipura, Faridpur, Merrganj, Ramnagar, Bithri, Majh Gaon, Bhadpura, Aonla, Shergarh, Parsakhera Industrial Area etc.

valve and Complete ball valve, butterfly valve, control valve & gate valve, plastic valve and safety valve, pressure reducing valve, solid ball valve and other related valves are manufactured in Bareilly.