We are always concerned about our consumer’s preferences and the comfort level of them is also must. We are the top listed Pinch Valves Manufacturer in India. While the design of pinch valves provides extensive advantages for use in sterile lines and in situations where product purity is a high priority, these same design features do create some disadvantages. Due to their elastomeric bodies, pinch valves are not viable in situations where the transport media is at a high temperature. They are also not recommended for services that require high-pressure flow, and for use with gases.

Our products are idyllically manufactured to handle all types of liquid & gaseous mediums maintenance. Each valve is considered with an easily interchangeable sleeve, which is the only valve part that comes in contact with the process fluid.

We are leading manufacturer, suppliers and exporter of fine grade pinch valves in India. We have specifically designed pinch valves as per the latest requirements of industries. We provide a comprehensive range of butterfly valves to various parts of India as well as countries spread across the globe. Our comprehensive range of pinch valves includes chain operated pinch valves, close body pinch valves, gear operated pinch valves, spare pinch valves sleeves, open body pinch valves, hydraulic actuator pinch valves, pneumatic actuator pinch valve, and pneumatically operated pinch valves.

We produce our Pinch valve series under brand name flowrise. Our pinch valves are built to perform well even in challenging conditions. We offer wide range of pinch valves according to its application area. It is available with different sleeve materials as per requirement. It is built to handle various products like lubricants, alcohol, oils, chemicals, dairy products and fertilizers. It is reliably used for corrosive applications. Considering all industrial aspect and need, we provide suitable and excellent range of pinch valves with so many options.

We make our pinch valves under the brand name of FLOWRISE. Our pinch valves are preferred for many industrial applications, but mainly it is used for the corrosive and abrasive medium. Commonly it is used to control the flow, also in challenging conditions. We have designed and developed variety of pinch valves like chain operated pinch valves, gear operated pinch valve, dispatch valves for the various applications.

Sleeves are made from different material as per applications. They are fabricated by stringent process with expert monitoring. It provides quick closure of valve. Full port design helps the sleeves to handle highly abrasive media and allow unobstructed flow with tight shut-off when required.

“Defined quality pinch valves are the core reason for the success of any System.” And we are the one who delivers ISO certified 9001:2008 pinch valves which has the defined start, stop and throttle functioning quality. We are a prominent designer and manufacturer of fully ported type pinch valve, engrossed in manufacturing, supplying and exporting defined quality pinch valves ranging from ¼” to 24” at the competitive rate in India and Overseas. The wide acceptance of our pinch valves is due to the team endeavors towards considering each body part as an imperative part and concentrating on each part during the manufacturing process which includes pinch valve body, sleeve as well as actuator. The matchless end product, prompt delivery and round the clock customer support is the USP of our company which has enabled us to get the niche in all industries located in India as well as abroad.

Pinch valve is the most efficient and highly durable equipment highly utilized for handing and conveying applications. Pinch valve is a stop solution for maintaining and handling abrasive, corrosive, and fibrous media having a free flow of granulates, powder, pellets, dust, and liquid-containing solids. Pinch valve is directly pressurized with compressed air and natural gases with the help of a fluid. The rubber sleeve present in the pinch valve is forced closed with pressurized air to tightly shut off the pipeline with enhanced safety. The pinch valve is sufficient to hold the most aggressive and problematic media onto it and has properties to easily control and seal problematic materials without any hassles. Highly durable and reliable components engraved in the pinch valve have reduced the cost of operation and maintenance.