Knife edge gate valves are suitable for the handling of the semisolid or viscous material, due to its characteristic of cut through the fluids. It allows the unrestricted flow of the medium. With the deep knowledge of the engineering techniques and the help of ultra modern tools, we bring through the great range of knife edge valves gate valves. It is uni-directional heavy duty valves provide corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. It can be apply for the tough slurry and dense material.

Manufactured by these are knife edge gate valves, custom gate valve, knife gate valve manufacturer, exporter & supplier in India. These large custom-fabricated knife gates are made of 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. We have been a highly demanded knife gate valve exporter in India fulfilling the ANSI standards to meet the international norms. They are mostly exported to wastewater treatment plants, miming and chemical pants as they can cut through huge liquids. to control slurry flow they are very helpful in FMCG factories They are mainly used to permit the thick media to flow over soft without any interruptions. Raw material namely sharp and bevelled edges are inserted to cut the solid and liquid fluently.

Knife Gate valves can withstand harsh environments thanks to its sharp cutting blades that can cut through the heaviest liquids such as paper pulp, waste waters, varnish, and more. Knife gate valves have the advantage of being less expensive, easier to operate, and lighter in weight.

Knife Gate valves are utilized when the positions of the valves ought to be highly open or closed. Besides being the manufacturer of Knife Gate Valve, we at Axegic Valves also hold expertise in manufacturing Bi- Directional Knife Edge Gate Valve and Square type Knife Edge Gate Valve.