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Quality Assurance

All Castings and Forgings are checked by means of chemical analysis and mechanical tests to guarantee that all raw-materials conform to specifications such as those of the ASTM. 100% radiography on castings and ultrasonic test on forgings are carried out against specific requirements.

Judicious designing, rigid quality control by meticulous checking of every individual part at different stages of production and pressure testing at pressure prescribed by the respective standard have made FLOEC Valves a product of International Standards. In fact, FLOEC has become a synonym for reliable and dependable Valves required for high/low pressure, high/low temperature and for highly corrosive fluids.

Each Valve is designed and manufactured to conform recognized standards of the Valve Industry such as ANSI, API, DIN, BS or IS.
Material Of Construction

'FLOEC' Valves are available in almost all materials according to requirement of client. However, the regular MOC are as under.

Sr.No. Body & Bonnet Material Trim Material
Wedge/Seat/Disc Stem
01. Cast Carbon Steel - ASTM A216 Gr. WCB. 13% Cr.S.S. A182 F6
02. Cast Steel ASTM A352 Gr. LCB, LCA & LCC A182 F304/CF8 A182 F304
03. Alloy Steels ASTM A217 Gr. WC-1, WC-6, WC-9 13% Cr.S.S. A182 F6
04. Stainless Steel 304 - ASTM A351 Gr. CF-8 A182 F304/CF8 S.S.304
05. Stainless Steel 304L- CF- 3 A82 F304L/CF3 A182 F304L
06. Stainless Steel 316L- CF- 8M A182 F316/CF8M A182 F316
07. Stainless Steel 316L - CF - 3M A182 F316L/CF3M A182 F316L
08. Alloy - 20 - CN 7M /CD4M Cu. CN7M/CD4MCu. CN7M/CD4MCu.
10. Super Alloy Steels - Hastelly - Gr. B and C. Hastelloy Hastelloy
11. Forged Steel - ASTM A105 13% Cr. S.S. A182 F6
15. SG/Ductile/C.I. Iron of different grades 13% Cr. S.S. A182 F6
Trim Material :

The above trim material are standard. In case of any special material is required, it will be provided. All Valves of 600# and higher ratings are provided with Stellite Trim as a manufacturing standard of FLOCE Valves.

We continuously endeavor to improve our products, and as such the data provided are subjected to change.


FLOEC is the Brand name of Industrial Valves being manufactured by us in India with technical expertise for more than three decades.

Research & Development :

Through continuous efforts in research and development we could bring out various types of Valves for high pressure, high temperature and for highly corrosive fluids.

Reliability :

Today, FLOEC Valves are giving trouble free service in leading Fertilizer Plants, Power Houses, Drugs & Pharmaceutical Plants, Oil Fields, Petrochemical Industries and Chemical Plants.

Dual Plate Non-Return Valves
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