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Dual Plate Non-Return Valves Supplier, Dual Disc Check Valve Gujarat
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Dual Plate Non-Return Valves Gujarat, Dual Disc Check Valve
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Dual Disc Check Valves Manufacturers, Dual Plate Check Valves Ahmedabad

Dual Disc Check Valve

Dual Disc Check Valve, Check Valves

For the specific applications in different industrial area, we have designed effective series of dual disc check valves. A device two seats that combines in sequence.

It is used to prevent back flow in the system. It performs well with assurance of tight shut off. It is space saving valves. It offers comfortable mounting options. It can be mounted vertical or horizontal.
Depending upon the operational fields, we provide different options for construction materials. We offer cast stainless steel, high alloy steels like alloy-20, hastelloy, cast carbon steel, CD4MCu, cast iron, S.G.iron and as per requirement. Our series of dual disc check valves are manufacturer as per API 594. It is tested confirming API-598. Such series is available with soft sealing and metal to metal sealing. It is also available with rubber seat and PTFE seat.


Range of size

15 NB to 600 NB

Rating of pressure

ANSI/BS 150#, 300#, 600#


dual disc fully rubber lined

End connection



automatic with return pressure

Port opening



PTFE/metal to metal, soft-rubber

Packing and gasket

PTFE/ glass filled teflon/ graphite


dual disc spring loaded


refer material chart

Code of design

API – 594


API – 598


manufacturer/ client/ 3rd party

Dual Plate Non-Return Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves Exporters
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